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The Household of Faith

Oftentimes when raising a family, the same mindsets and thought patterns travel from one generation to the next. Though unintentional, this can hold a person back from receiving all that God intends for them.

The Holy Spirit revealed to Scott Webb that his family – his household of faith – is the richest, most fertile soil he could sow into. Receiving this truth and acting on God’s principles changed his life.

This little book contains supernatural keys that will open up your life to rich rewards. Learn how to be a blessing to those closest to you, and establish the pattern that will flow into future generations!

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Let Go to Receive the New

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Happy New Year! I am always thankful when a New Year arrives, because with it comes new hope, new vision, and new expectation! Have you taken the time to Write the Vision as the Word instructs us in Habakkuk 2? Here are some things to consider as you set 2019 in motion. Exodus 12 gives the…

Way of Escape

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As 2018 comes to a close, I want to share with you a small yet life-changing truth that will help you as you wrap up this year. Psalm 77:1-3, I cried unto God with my voice, even unto God with my voice; and He gave ear unto me. In the day of my trouble I…


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The opportunity to forgive comes to everyone. Forgiveness is vital in developing and strengthening our relationship with God. November and December consist of family gatherings for most people, and with these gatherings come memories, laughter, emotions, and sometimes opportunities to forgive. The enemy would like nothing better than to steal your joy and peace during…