How refreshing it is when seasons change—both naturally and spiritually! The Bible tells us that we are to go from faith to faith and from glory to glory, and this is my prayer for you as we enter this last quarter of 2015.

I recently received a testimony from a pastor who is one of our partners. He and his wife have stood in faith for many years to see a supernatural change in the finances of their church and personal life. A few days ago, someone walked in and handed him a check that wiped away every debt the church had.  This marked the first time in 15 years that the church has been completely out of debt. You see, in one moment, Almighty God can cause everything to change, and that is exactly what happened for this dear pastor.

You may be reading his testimony and thinking, I sure wish God would do that for me! Listen, God is no respecter of persons. He responds to faith, and the BLESSING of Abraham that is on you will leave you with a testimony too!

In Luke 5, we see the time that Jesus borrowed Peter’s boat to minister in. Peter was a professional fisherman, and by his own testimony, he had toiled all night long and had caught nothing. Toiling with no increase is not part of the blessing!

While Jesus was preaching, Peter was in the boat and must have been listening because of his response to Jesus…Master, we have toiled all the night, and I have taken nothing: nevertheless AT THY WORD I will let down the net.

You know the rest of that story—when Peter obeyed, letting his nets down, those nets began to swell with a great load of fish.

There are two things that we must do to keep this blessing activated in our lives.

  1. The blessing is voice activated.
  2. The blessing is motion activated.

Notice what Peter did after He heard Jesus’ message. He said, “…nevertheless, at thy word, I will let down the nets. Then, he did exactly what Jesus told him to do!

How is it that one moment it seemed that the fish were swimming as fast as they could AWAY from the nets, and the next moment, they are swimming as fast and as hard as they can INTO the nets?

THE BLESSING WAS PUT TO USE! You see, the blessing of Abraham was on Peter—it was even on Peter when he was toiling, but when Peter tapped into it, it changed everything in a moment of time.

As the seed of Abraham, that blessing is on you too, but just because it is on you does not mean it will work; you must activate it using your words. Speak what God’s Word says about your situation and nothing contrary to it. Then, rise up and take action.

This pastor’s testimony is just that. In fact, just days before this happened, he shared a verse with me that the Lord gave him. Psalm 66:12, we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us into a wealthy place. He planted this Word into his heart and kept it coming out of His mouth. He followed the steps the Holy Ghost gave him to do. In doing this, he kept the blessing activated, and it brought him into that wealthy place the Lord promised him.

One other component to these examples that I believe is so important is the fact that before Peter activated the blessing, his faith was stirred by hearing Jesus’ message. I cannot emphasize feeding on the Word enough. Your faith will not grow without it!

Think about this…what if Peter had not heard Jesus’ message? Peter would have accepted the fact that it was a bad night for fishing and that sometimes toiling just goes with the territory. The blessing that was on him would have remained dormant, and the example that was put there for us would not be there.

Practically every place I have ministered in recent months, I have shared on the blessing of Abraham because I see far too many people rolling over and accepting their circumstances. Jesus paid a dear price for you and me to walk in this blessing, but it is up to us to take it up and walk in it.

I want to encourage you as we move into this last quarter of 2015. Put the blessing of Abraham that is on you to work! Whatever you are facing is not too hard for God. Feed on His Word by reading your Bible and listening to faith teaching. Then keep that blessing activated through your words and actions. You too will find yourself in that wealthy place!

This message on The Blessing of Abraham is so rich, and we have placed it in a series. To hear it in its entirety, click here.


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