Many years ago, the Lord led my friend, the late Rev. Bud Wright, to leave his hometown in Alabama and move to Brazil to begin a work the Lord was calling him to. In the beginning he didn’t see much progress, so he asked the Lord…Why? God reminded Bud about his life growing up on the farm. They would gather the cornstalks into a huge pile and being a boy, Bud would always want to be the one to throw in the match. At first they might not see anything; then, he would begin to see a little smoke coming out of the top, and eventually it would be a huge blazing fire.

This was the picture of what his ministry would look like, and it certainly came to pass. While it may not have looked like much was happening in the beginning, the wind of the Spirit began to blow and it spread like wildfire. Each time we travel to Brazil, I am reminded of what the Lord told Bud would take place, and when we go we help keep the fire hot down there by throwing some gasoline on it.

This year will mark our 10th consecutive year to minister in Brazil, and it has certainly been an honor to do so. During our first conference in 2007, I taught on the spirit of faith, and the ministers who were a part of that conference CAUGHT it! The reality of 2 Corinthians 4:13, we having the same spirit of faith, is so evident throughout the nation, but the Lord isn’t finished there. There is more ground to cover, more seed to sow, and more harvest to reap.

As we prepare to return, we wanted you to have a clear picture of what is taking place there. I have taken many people with me from the states, and without fail, they come home changed and hungry to see the move of God like that in their home towns.

Here is our itinerary of meetings while we are there…

September 1-3            Sao Luis                       Faith Conference

September 5               Campina Grande         Holy Ghost Meeting

September 7-8            Petrolina                     Faith Conference

September 9-10          Guaratingueta            Faith & Leadership Conference

September 14-17        Campo Grande            Spirit of Faith Conference

September 22-25        Sao Paulo                    Southeast Ministers’ Conference

God is moving my friend, and now is not the time to hold back. As a partner of this ministry, together we are doing our part, carrying the spirit of faith to areas all over this world as the Gospel of Jesus is preached!

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