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Kingdom Ambassadors

By Faith, Problems & Worry
I trust your year is off to a wonderful start! Phyllis and I hit the ground running in January, and we have been so stirred to continually feed our faith and press into all that God is saying in this hour. While “dark and down” predictions are running rampant in the world, I have only...
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Return Fire

By Faith, General, Problems & Worry, Wisdom
Happy New Year!  Phyllis and I are so thankful for you, and we are believing for you to LIVE FREE in 2023! Free of sickness, free of pain, free of debt, free of lack, free of oppression, and free of any other aspect of the curse. As a child of God, it is your right...
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Tread & Rejoice

By Faith, General, Wisdom
We are now in the home stretch of 2022, and what a year it has been! For some, the Christmas season can be a challenging time for various reasons, and for others, it is their happiest time of the year. Regardless of which category you fall into, the Lord spoke three words to me a...
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One Man

By Faith, General, Problems & Worry
I trust that this letter finds you blessed and excited about what God is doing in the church, in our nation, and in these last days. It certainly is an exciting era to live in. Everyday, there seems to be another earth-shaking event on our radar, with people saying, “Look at what so-and-so said… look...
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Abundantly Blessed

By Faith, General, Giving & Prosperity
At the beginning of this year, the Lord had me laser-focused on Psalm 23, and as this year has progressed, I can see why He led me to that particular Word. It seems like everywhere we turn, we are confronted with lack and struggle…almost as if it is in the air. However, this “buzz” is...
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Water & Bread

By Faith, General, Problems & Worry

For many months, I have been digging deeper and deeper into the truth of covenant–our covenant with God, and how everything that God does is based on covenant. I truly believe that this revelation of our covenant with God is crucial in carrying out the assignments that God has placed on our lives here on…

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Jesus, Our High Priest

By Faith, General
We are now more than half-way through 2022, and what a year it has been thus far! We are witnessing some of the darkest times that we ever have, yet at the same time, we are seeing the hand of God move in behalf of His people in a greater way. If you have walked...
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