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Giving & Prosperity

Impactful Ministry in Brazil

By General, Giving & Prosperity

Six weeks. Seven plane rides. Eight venues. Thirty-six meetings. Countless hours in the Word and presence of God. What a glorious time Phyllis and I just had in Brazil. The people are so hungry for the Word and the move of the Spirit, and God answered their hunger with signs and demonstrations. Among the testimonies…

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Living in the Blessing

By Faith, Giving & Prosperity

Imagine being described as Jacob was in Genesis 30:43, And the man increased exceedingly, and had much… Do you know that God absolutely intended for this to be your story? He doesn’t just want increase for you; He wants you to increase exceedingly! Jacob experienced this increase EXACTLY the same way you and I are…

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Accessing Full Provision

By Faith, Giving & Prosperity

I trust you all are enjoying watching the days of winter turn into more warmth and sunshine. Isn’t it amazing to know that regardless of what takes place in this earth, it is temporary. Everything has a season, and that is why Paul admonishes us in Second Corinthians 4 to keep our focus on things…

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Rev. Webb in Nigeria

Seed time and Harvest

By Giving & Prosperity

I firmly believe we are living in the last days. There is evidence of it all around us. In the last decade this world has changed drastically. The message of Jesus is being preached in more places than ever before, and it is an honor to work together with those whose hearts are united in…

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