Inspiration and Motivation


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I’m frequently asked the question, it seems, why are children so different today? Why is the generation of children we are raising today, the generation we are fighting for, appear so different? As I look back at my childhood, I notice such stark differences between the world I grew up in as opposed to the…

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Bite Down

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One Sunday morning, while listening to my husband minister the Word, the Lord put me in remembrance of a truth I had long ago established in my life. He spoke to my heart and said, “Phyllis, your answer is still in Mark 11:22-24.” Whenever the Lord reminds us of a specific truth, He is trying…

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Words Create An Image

By Faith, Inspiration and Motivation

Happy New Year! When a new year rolls around, many people approach it with anticipation and expectation for a greater year than they had before, and as a child of God, you should too! At the beginning of last year, the Lord spoke to me that 2014 would be a “14-er” for those who would…

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