Overcoming Tests & Trials

By Faith, General, Problems & Worry, Wisdom

Problems, irritations, hindrances, obstacles, or the Christian moniker, “tests and trials”…no matter what name you give them, all of us have had them. Sometimes you see them coming, and other times they are completely unexpected. Either way, the good news is that it doesn’t matter what they are, how or why they came, or how…

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By General, Inspiration and Motivation, Wisdom

I’m frequently asked the question, it seems, why are children so different today? Why is the generation of children we are raising today, the generation we are fighting for, appear so different? As I look back at my childhood, I notice such stark differences between the world I grew up in as opposed to the…

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How to Work Smart

By Faith, General, Wisdom

I once read a story about two woodcutters. The first worked constantly while the second took periodic breaks. At the end of the day the man who worked constantly had a smaller pile of wood than the other. When asked the reason for his larger pile the second man said, “Every time I rested, I…

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The Wise Man

By Marriage & Family, Wisdom

While visiting with some friends recently, I found myself telling hilarious stories about my grandchildren—you know, the knee-slapping kind. Next to God and His Word, my family is my most prized possession. They truly are a gift from God. Nothing and no one brings me joy like my family does. Psalm 128:1-4 says, Blessed is…

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