Throughout the past year or so, my love for writing was rekindled. I have always enjoyed writing, but being in such a busy season of my life, as a wife and mother, caused me to put this love on the back burner. However, little by little, I’ve found some time to sit down and write, as well as read some blogs and articles by other authors.

Recently, I came across an article, and after reading it, I thought to myself, “Wow, this is so good and so true.” The article was an encouraging letter penned to mothers telling moms, “You are enough.” The letter informs moms of how they are “enough” when they walk through the hard times of motherhood and parenting. It tells moms they are “enough” when they are at their wit’s end, yet they still have to push through and be strong for their families. After reading the letter, I felt validated by thinking, “Yes, I am enough. Even when I feel inadequate and like I have nothing left to give, I am enough.”

I contemplated the message throughout the article for a little while, and in thinking about my own mother who has been the foremost example in my life of the greatest mother, I soon realized, “No, that isn’t right. I am not enough on my own and I’ll never be enough on my own.” So, after pondering some things in my heart, I sat down and penned this letter to my own, precious momma.

Dear Mom,

I recently came across a letter written to moms, which was meant to be an encouragement in telling them, “They are enough.” As I read the letter, for a brief time, I considered the letter to be spot on and what every mom needs to hear. However, the more I thought about the meaning of the article, the more I realized how it was quite opposite of the way you raised me and the example you are to me.

With this being said, I want to say thank you, mom, for never thinking you are enough. Now, I’m not saying you aren’t enough, because you were and are exceeding, abundantly enough. However, the difference is you KNOW you can’t be enough in your own strength and in your own ways. Instead, you realize that you can only be enough when you turn your face towards God, depending on Him for strength, leading, and guiding. You allow the Holy Spirit to reveal things to you.

You have always walked in a strength that to some seems unfathomable. You never wavered in your strength and FAITH. This is why I am thankful you never thought YOU were enough. As I recall different situations over the past 40 years or so, I remember time after time when challenging situations would arise causing you to seek God and cry out for His help in each one.

Once I became a mother, I immediately saw everything from a different perspective. Having children only 15 months apart, I realized first thing, there was no way I could fulfill all the demands placed on me in my own strength. From day one, I thought back to the way you raised me. I remembered how early in the morning you would awaken before everyone else and get ready for the day. However, you weren’t up packing lunches or preparing dinner in the crockpot, you were up having your quiet time with the Lord, getting your strength for the tasks and situations at hand, and listening to what the Holy Spirit was telling you about the day. Only after this was done, did you tackle the day. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE ENOUGH! You are enough because you know you must be totally and completely full of God’s Word and dependent upon His strength.

So for this mom, I want to say thank you. Thank you for showing me when my kids were babies and toddlers, I could only go so far in my own strength. You taught me that I had to begin my day with God’s Word and prayer, and in doing this, the strength and stamina to be the mom and wife I desired to be would come. As my kids got older and began school, you instructed me in the same things. You’d say, “Erica, start your day in God’s Word, cover Brooke and Blake in God’s protection, and plead the blood of Jesus over them.” As they are continuing to grow and are now teenagers, you continue to encourage me in the same ways. Especially in this day and age, I have no choice but to plead their cases before God each morning and draw on the strength that only comes from my time and relationship with God.

While staying home with babies and toddlers, I thought it was the most trying time of parenting, yet I’ve quickly realized it seems to get more trying as they grow older. The things my children are faced with on a daily basis only seem to be getting worse and worse. However, I have faith and confidence in the fact that God is leading and guiding me, and He has equipped me to be their momma. I’m not enough for my husband and kids on my own. But I am ENOUGH when I put God first and follow His leading and guiding.

So momma, thank you for paving the way for me. Thank you for showing me that when my world seems to be crumbling, when I think my family or marriage can’t survive an attack, or when I can’t get out of the bed to face another day, it is okay. It is okay, because I don’t have to do it in my strength. I don’t have to be enough for my family. Instead, I turn my face towards God and seek His help, and He gives me the strength I need!

I am truly convinced that Proverbs 31 was written about YOU! Proverbs 31:25 reads, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.” Mom, you truly are clothed with strength and dignity, and you wear them beautifully. There have been days most moms would cry, yet because of your strength in Jesus, you were able to laugh. Thank you for showing me this and being the example of a godly mom and wife.

Words could never express my deep love and gratitude for you. You have impacted so many lives, but most importantly, you have shown me how to live life. I’m so thankful I get to honor you on Mother’s Day. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for loving me and believing in me. I love you with all my heart! Happy Mother’s Day!


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