In a matter of days, we have the opportunity to cast our vote for who we believe should lead this nation for the next four years. In light of this, I want to share some things that have been stirring in my heart for a few weeks.

America was not established on principles contrary to what we find in the Word of God. God established this nation for His great plan, and it was birthed in response to the cries of men and women who wanted their God-given freedom restored to them. Many of these men and women sacrificed their lives, livelihoods, and families to fight for this freedom. As I observe what is going on around us, this God-given freedom is exactly what is at stake in this election.

Nehemiah is a great example of a man who took up the cause of God in rebuilding the wall for Israel. God had given that land to Israel in the days of Joshua, and although they owned it and possessed it, there still remained enemies within that land. The biggest problem the enemies created for God’s people was the influence that they had in that land. They weren’t satisfied to simply disagree with God’s plan; instead, they spread their ungodly attitudes and poison to others. As a result, the children of Israel’s walk with God and obedience to Him were compromised. By the time Nehemiah was faced with this task of rebuilding the wall, the city was in ruins.

In order to successfully rebuild the wall, it took dedicated, hard work and vigilance. With one hand, they worked with a tool, and in the other hand, they held a weapon to keep the enemies back.

Nehemiah 4:17, They which builded on the wall, and they that bare burdens, with those that laded, every one with one of his hands wrought in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.

There are so many parallels between this moment of time for Israel and America. We as Americans have been given by God the greatest nation in history. Like Israel, America was founded for God’s purposes, and we are the most prosperous nation. Yet like Israel, we have enemies that have withstood us from the beginning…enemies from within and enemies without. Our freedom, just like Israel, was fought for, and our freedom will only continue if it’s fought for.

We’re at the election and excited about the future, but we must stop the enemies of freedom and the enemies of God. Like Nehemiah, God has raised up President Donald Trump to lead the rebuilding process to “Make America Great Again,” and he has enemies that want to prevent this from happening. Friend, it’s all about control over mens’ lives. The devil hates the freedom God has given us, and he will do whatever he can to blind people from the truth of what is truly at stake.

Israel has never had a friend in an American president like Donald Trump. God has anointed him to withstand the attacks against our nation. President Trump did not “need” this job; he could have easily continued to build his own empire of wealth and prosperity, but he answered the call of leading this nation and stopping the enemies from destroying our nation founded upon godly principles.

Most of the criticism that President Trump receives has to do with his personality, and the reason for this is because people can’t argue with results. During his presidency, Donald Trump has brought results and made good on his promises to the people. When people can’t argue with results and the truth, they make it personal. In Matthew 11 we find this same situation concerning John the Baptist and Jesus. John the Baptist and Jesus brought results. They brought deliverance to people, and it made the religious leaders mad. The religious leaders couldn’t argue with the results of freedom they brought, so they turned their attacks on them personally. Far too many people are complaining about division and unrest. This is an intentional diversion orchestrated by Satan himself.

Like Israel, for the sake of our nation and our freedom, we must continue to work with one hand and keep the sword in the other. Fight for the continued freedom and liberty that was given us by God and paid for by much blood shed by our founding fathers.

If your vote is for America as founded on godly principles, truth, righteousness, and freedom for all, then vote for President Donald Trump. He is God’s man for this hour!

We’ve included a special video message that Pastor Scott recently ministered along these lines. We trust you’ll be blessed!

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