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Psalm 71:18, Now also when I am old and grayheaded, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation, and thy power to every one that is to come.

This verse caught my attention a couple of years ago while my husband and I were ministering at a church in Oklahoma. We were discussing how the move and power of God that we have been acquainted with for many years was little by little losing its place in the church and therefore in the lives of our young people.

We have four grandchildren, and their ages range from twelve to fourteen. Throughout this year, Scott and I had many opportunities to be with our grandchildren, and we had a wonderful time. Scott took our oldest grandson, Trent, on his first hunt—prairie dog shooting, and they had a blast. Trent returned home a “changed man.” While they were there, I took the other three grandkids to the beach and we spent most of our time laughing and just enjoying being with one another.

Being with our family and grandkids brings us more joy than anything in this world, but what is most important to me is that they know and experience the strength and power of God, and according to this verse in Psalms, it is our duty and responsibility to show it to them.

For many months we’ve been in a place of prayer—spiritual warfare—where this presidential election is concerned, and the younger generation has been watching. Glory to God, they saw the power of God in demonstration because of the prayers of the saints. James 5:16 says, the earnest (continued, heartfelt) prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available (dynamic in its working.) Although this has been a great victory, it is not time to sit back and coast. We must continue to press in through prayer so the full manifested plan of God comes to pass.

I remember so vividly the many times my spiritual father, Dad Hagin, would encourage us that if we weren’t careful to give attention to the things of the spirit, then certain things would be lost to the generations that follow. He and others plowed some tough ground and paved the way for many of us to be in position to walk out the plan God has for us. Friend, we too have this same responsibility to the younger generation. We must not quit. We must press in more than ever to show them the strength and power of God.

In our times with the grandkids this year, although there has been a lot of recreation, the most enjoyable times were those times when we took the time to simply talk. During our time at the beach, each of the kids said their favorite part about the entire trip was every night when we would have a “family meeting.” This meeting consisted primarily of talking about our day, and we would always find a way to talk about the Word. In these times, there is no shortage of distractions for our young people, BUT deep inside, there is a moldable heart with a burning desire to know Jesus and experience the power of God in a real way.

This Christmas season, enjoy your family. Smile. Laugh. Hug. Give. Serve. But remember we celebrate JESUS, and purpose to impart Him and His goodness however you can to those you love and cherish.

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