How to Transform Your Current Situation into Your Desired Destination

May 25, 2024

How to Go from Where You Are To Where You Want to Be - 1

I want to share something with you today that has transformed mine and Phyllis’ lives over the last forty-plus years. Not only has it helped us and taken us to new levels, but it has also had the same impact on countless other individuals. 

Last month, we looked at a king named Uzziah. 2 Chronicles 26:5 says, “…as long as he sought the Lord, God made him to prosper.” The literal Hebrew word “made” in this verse means to push forward. In other words, as long as Uzziah kept seeking the Lord, God kept prospering him and pushing him forward.

There are many ways to seek the Lord and hear from Him, but today, I want to focus on the unmistakably vital principle of vision. Your vision is your personal revelation from God, and where He guides, He provides! 

Frequently, we visit the subject of vision, and while there are different levels of vision, for the sake of our discussion, I’m referring to the lowest form of vision, which is all that is needed to prosper and increase. This vision comes as a byproduct of you interacting with the Lord and opening your heart, your inner man, to renewal by the Word of God. 

Somewhere in the mid-1980s, I learned the principle that the more I fed and meditated on the Word of God, the Lord would show me what my future could look like. However, once I saw it for myself, it was not enough to continue to sit there and think about it. At some point, I had to get up and go look.  

We find this process in the Bible through the life of Abraham. Genesis 12:1, “Now the Lord had said unto Abram, ‘Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee…’” Notice what God didn’t show Abram–the heavens, another planet, or a spiritual vision. God showed him land, which is something in the natural realm that already existed

This very process is how Phyllis and I have acquired most every house we have owned since walking with the Lord. Years ago, we lived in a house two miles from our church building. While we enjoyed that convenience for a while, it got to the point where there seemed to be no break from our church duties. In talking with the Lord about this, we sensed He had something new for us. So, like Abram, we got up and began to look. 

We came upon a beautiful 35-acre farm that we ended up purchasing. This place indeed became an oasis for us, and we called it The Ponderosa. Everything about this place was stunning–the land, the pond, the setting, and the meticulously customized home. However, the most notable aspect of this place contains the timeless and countless memories we share with our children and grandchildren. Truly, eternal impartations were made due to being in this place that God had for us.

I can’t help but wonder: What if I had never gotten up to look and see where God was trying to take me? I absolutely would have missed out on God’s best for my family and me. 

Now, before I tell you how God enlarged my vision for this house, you need to know that I had no money set aside for purchasing it. I knew that I could sell the current home I was living in and make a small percentage towards a down payment, but it would have never sufficed for what was needed for the new home. Regardless, it was on me to obey the Lord’s leading.

The first time we went to look at this house, our reaction was, “Ah, yeah, boy, this is beautiful! This would be nice, but there’s just no way we could do this.” Does this sound familiar? 

It kept coming back to us for several days and weeks, so we would drive back out there and look. Our hearts kept being drawn out there. Then, one day, while laying in bed in my current bedroom, with my eyes closed, I saw the master bedroom in the other house. Instead of turning to my right and looking out my current bedroom window, I saw the windows and the yard of that other house. 

This was not an epiphany or a visitation from the Lord. It was just the natural progression of us letting the Holy Ghost enlarge us through vision and cause us to see something we hadn’t seen before

To make a long story short, God supernaturally got us that house, but He didn’t do it alone. Phyllis and I positioned ourselves to hear from Him, allowing the Holy Ghost to work on us. 

Perhaps you’re reading this today and thinking, “God, why aren’t you showing me anything new and enlarging my vision?” 

Here’s my question to you…are you positioning yourself to receive vision from the Lord? Are you taking the time to hear from Him like Abram did about what your future could look like? Once you hear from Him, are you getting up from where you are to go look?

Friend, God has much more available for you to experience, and I want to encourage you to begin taking steps toward His goodness. I know many people who have used this process to get God’s very best for their lives. Whether it’s a house, a spouse, a career, a car, or an airplane, let the Holy Ghost work on you to enlarge your vision. You will reap the benefit of it, and you’ll come to see that it’s all for His glory! 


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