dad and GGWhen I was a young boy I would say (at my grandmother’s urging) that I was going to go all over the world and tell people about God. I remember my mom living for the Lord and taking us to church, but after I was older I became a professional sinner!

Phyllis and I had married and moved into our own home and our first child was just a baby. Then my mother got filled with the Holy Spirit. And everything began to change. First Phyllis was born again at a service she attended with my mother, and then less than a week later she got filled with the Holy Spirit at another service.

Well, then I became their prayer target. One day after a prayer meeting at the church my mother attended, she stayed behind to ask the Lord why her prayers for me did not seem to be working. The Lord told her that when she prayed for me in tongues it was like opening a curtain and letting in the light. Then she would discuss my behavior with others and shut out the light. “When you do that,” He said, “you are reinforcing what the devil is trying to do in his life. Confess who he is in Me, and don’t ever call him mean again!”

Mother called Phyllis when she got home to tell her what the Lord had said. “I want you to join with me in this, but regardless, I can’t ever talk about him negatively again,” she said. From that moment forward she only spoke what God said about me, and within weeks I had turned my life over to Jesus and have been serving Him ever since.

I want to encourage you today – whether you are a mother or not – when you receive light on a situation, don’t shut the light out by talking doubt and unbelief. Open wide those curtains, and keep the light shining. God is faithful, and He always causes you to triumph in Christ Jesus.

I am so thankful for my mother. I don’t want to think about where I would be if she hadn’t obeyed God. She gives all the glory to God, but she played a part – a critical part. To this day, my mother and wife continue to pray together and see supernatural manifestations. Their first prayer project was me, and thank God they took it on. They were obedient in that small thing the Lord said, and because of it, they got exactly what they asked for.

In your own life and family, you may receive what you would consider a small adjustment to make, but never take lightly the things God shows you to do. It can be the key to receiving your answer.

My mother continues to be a source of great help to me even after more than 30 years of ministry. In light of Mother’s Day I asked her to share  something that was on her heart to all my friends and partners.

[h2]Message from Peggy Webb…[/h2]

Peggy with her two boys, Scott and Mike

Proverbs 14:1 says, “A wise woman builds her house, but a foolish one tears it down with her hands.”

God has placed mothers in such an important place in their children’s lives. Every prayer she prays has eternal significance.

If you are a mother of young children – build the Word into them. Plant God’s dreams and plans into their hearts with kindness.

If your children are older – maybe not even living in your house anymore, surround them with your faith and love – it’s never too late. There is no time or distance in prayer. Confess who they are in Jesus. God’s Word cannot fail.

GG and sons 2Tell them you believe in them, you’re for them, and you’re in their corner. Encouragement from a mom burns brightly in a child’s heart.

I once told my son I felt that on Mother’s Day I should give gifts to my boys rather than the other way around! I can’t carry them in my arms any longer, but I hold them in my heart forever.

Expect God to perform His Word in your children’s lives and keep building!

Happy Mother’s Day!

[h5]As a family, we are so thankful to have a woman of honor, grace, and strength at the center of our lives. She means more to us than words could ever describe. Below are some pictures of precious moments we will always cherish…[/h5][nggallery id=7]

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