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Merry Christmas from the Webb Family!

Merry Christmas from the Webb Family!

Mighty power! Friend, this is my prayer for you this Christmas season…that you would be strengthened and reinforced with mighty power in your inner man (Eph. 3:16). This power is available to all who will take it!

I recently received a powerful testimony from a minister I met at a ministers’ conference where I was speaking. This is a perfect illustration of someone taking the power that belongs to every child of God and using it to bless his family. Read on…

Pastor Scott,

I am the person who came up to you at the Jerry Savelle Conference and described how I had asked the Lord for the anointing that was on Smith Wigglesworth, and then you mentioned that anointing was on you and I told you I wanted it!

Your response was, “When I lay hands on you tonight…take it!” I did! Little did I know just how quickly that boldness would manifest.

The very next day (Saturday), I was in a ministry business meeting with another pastor when I received a text message. My daughter’s father-in-law, Mike, had been taken by medivac to a hospital in Temple, Texas. He had been in a serious construction accident in Killeen, Texas. His throat had been sliced open by a saw, his wind-pipe was completely severed, his adam’s apple was cut in two, and his vocal cords had been cut. The saw had also nicked his carotid artery (although not severed, it was bleeding profusely).

They had him in surgery trying to stop the bleeding, but they were worried about his heart.

The pastor I was with prayed with me; then we continued our meeting and finished about one hour later. The Lord put a burden on my heart to travel to the hospital in Temple about three hours away. He said, “Go there, lay hands on him and pray, and I will raise him up.”  I told my wife where we were headed and what the Lord had said. She said she was in agreement with it.

Three hours later, we arrived at the hospital. Mike had just been taken out of surgery and was in ICU. His family members (his mother, sister and his oldest son) were shocked to see me. They thought I was still in my home state.

I was told, “The doctors say they stopped the bleeding and tried to reconnect what they could.  They said he will probably have two or three more surgeries once the specialist looks at him. If he lives (because of the severity of the injuries and his bad heart and the shock to his system) the odds were very great that he may never be able to speak again, because of the amount of damage done to his vocal chords.”  I was told the doctors just wanted him to rest right now and not be disturbed, since he just came out of surgery about 15 minutes prior to that time.

I told the family, “I’m not here to wait…I’m here to pray!  The Lord told me to come here, lay hands on him and pray, and the Lord said He would raise him up.”

At that, I walked up to the bed and said, “Mike, the Lord told me to come here and lay hands on you and pray and He would raise you up. I know you can hear me, and I say unto you—WAKE UP!”  His eyes popped open as if he had been awake the entire time! His family members gasped; he looked over at me and the look in his eyes was like “What in the world are YOU doing here?”

I restated what the Lord had said and I asked him if he understood…he nodded slightly “yes.” He had several tubes running from his neck and head and a breathing tube inserted as well.

I read First Peter 2:24 to him, emphasizing, “By his stripes you WERE healed.” I told him that the doctors were probably going to be telling him negative stuff, and even though he may not be able to respond to them directly, he needed to hold onto this scripture in his spirit and just keep declaring to himself, “By His stripes I am healed!” I asked him again if he understood and he nodded “yes.”

We then prayed. I declared him healed from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. I declared that he would rise up and walk out of the hospital completely healed and restored. The tears were streaming down his face and he wanted me to hold his hand.

A few minutes later I told the son to step out in the hallway for a minute.  As I was talking with his son, I watched through the window as Mike fell back to sleep within a couple minutes.

I then told my wife, “Ok, we’re done here…let’s go.” We had been there all of 10 minutes. We then drove 3 hours and 20 minutes back up to the Dallas area where we were staying with some friends.

Beginning the next day, we started to get positive messages about his status. Pastor Scott, I am blessed to report that on Wednesday, he walked out of the hospital under his own power talking and praising God! The specialists came in to exam him and said everything appeared to have “healed on its own!” He is at home now, eating and talking almost normally and giving God the praise!

I think back to what the Lord had told me to do…I think back to the “boldness” I had as I walked into that room…I think back to the “transfer of the anointing” you imparted to me just the night prior…and I see it was all God at work through me!

I wanted to share this testimony with you. I also want to partner with you and your ministry…I KNOW the anointing of Smith Wigglesworth is on you, and now it is on me! I want to maintain partnership with you and maintain the power of that anointing on my life and ministry as well.

R.T., Baltimore, Maryland

Glory to God! When I read this testimony, I couldn’t help but think about so many miraculous manifestations of God’s power we have seen over the last 30 plus years. God hasn’t changed! He is still in the miracle business, and He is still using His children to show His greatness to the world.

Look down to verse 20 of Ephesians 3, Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above ALL that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.

This is the heart of our Father—doing exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power He already placed inside us!

I encourage you, my partner, to be bold to walk and operate in the power of God during this season. Don’t get lost in the “busyness” of the holidays. Purpose to magnify Jesus in all you do and say.

Phyllis and I are holding you up in prayer before the Father, surrounding you with our faith and love. We believe this will be the greatest Christmas you have ever had!

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