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Rev. Scott & Phyllis Webb

Webb Ministries was birthed in the heart of Pastor Scott Webb several years ago in response to a strong desire to help pastors and churches. After pastoring for several decades, much was planted into his and Phyllis’ hearts that is now being imparted into pastors and ministers throughout the world.

After attending Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 1982, Scott and Phyllis Webb moved back to their hometown of Birmingham, Alabama, to pioneer a Spirit-filled, Word of Faith church that preached the gospel of Jesus Christ. They saw God move mightily in the lives of their congregants and witnessed many miracles.

They would hold meetings for weeks at a time with several Word of Faith notables. During one of the times Kenneth E. Hagin was ministering in Birmingham, Scott asked, “Dad, I hear a lot of people prophesying about what God is going to do in the last days, but what do you see for these last days?” Brother Hagin kindly replied, “What God wants to do in these last days is build strong local churches that will preach the Word and move with the Spirit.”

These words still ring in Scott’s and Phyllis’ hearts. Whether they are out in the field ministering in other places or in their own home church in Chelsea, Alabama, they are continuing to work with God’s plan to build strong local churches that will preach the Word and move with the Spirit.

David & Tara Webb

David and Tara Webb have served in ministry most of their adult lives. David experienced most aspects of ministry working in his father’s church – everything from cleaning to managing to preaching. Soon after he and Tara married, Tara joined the team and poured her heart into helping build the local church.

In 2007, their world seemed to be turned upside down. They were faced with obstacles and opportunities which required them to make some life-altering decisions. They moved to California where they began to rebuild their lives. They drew on the rich heritage of the Word that had been planted into them and found out first-hand that God would sustain them in any situation.

Today, after 22 years of marriage, they are determined to help the hurting rebuild and to inspire faith in seemingly impossible situations. They have learned that with God’s love at the helm, they can endure everything without weakening (I Corinthians 13:7).

David and Tara currently reside in Temecula, California, with their two teenage sons, Trent and Clay.