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Many years ago, when the Lord called me to minister, He was very clear with what He wanted me to do—preach faith! For over 30 years now, that is what I have been doing and what I will continue to do.

Second Corinthians 4:13 says, We having the same spirit of faith, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak. When you partner with someone, you partake of the same spirit that is on their life. I experienced that myself with those the Lord told me to partner with, and I know that the same thing will happen for those who join themselves in partnership with us.

This ministry is taking the Word of God to the world and imparting that spirit of faith to people who are hungry for it. It’s your prayers and financial support that enable us to go to the nations and do the work of the ministry. We are so grateful for our partners.

As my partner, one of the greatest things I can give you is prayer. My wife, Phyllis, and I pray for our partners. We also have a weekly prayer team that prays for them as well. If there is a specific request you may have, please let us know. My wife and mother have often said...just give us our Bibles and a person to help, and we’ll pray and watch God work! We are here for you and want to help!

After signing up to become a partner, you will be taken to our giving page and given the chance to make a gift.