Six weeks. Seven plane rides. Eight venues. Thirty-six meetings. Countless hours in the Word and presence of God. What a glorious time Phyllis and I just had in Brazil. The people are so hungry for the Word and the move of the Spirit, and God answered their hunger with signs and demonstrations.

Among the testimonies we received were reports of healings, financial miracles, and restorations. There was one pastor who had been believing God for a car. While we were in a service, I was led to minister to him concerning some personal things. Within a couple of days, someone called and asked to meet him at a car dealership where they bought him a car!

During another conference, I was led to lay hands on all of the pastors and ministers for the purpose of special impartations. I then encouraged them to go home and lay hands on their own people. A week later I travelled to one of the churches where the pastor had taken back to his church what he received from that meeting. They said that when he returned, and began laying hands on his people, the anointing was so strong that he had to be carried out and the service lasted over four hours. Revival broke out in their church, and the church was flooded with so many people that they had to open overflow rooms.

For the past seven years I have travelled to Brazil ministering in several churches and conferences, but I have never stayed there for this length of time. I want you to know how thankful I am for you because without the support of my partners, trips such as these would not take place. 

Every time I go to Brazil I am told the same thing by a different pastor:

“Pastor Scott, I was in the ministers’ conference in 2007 when you taught on the spirit of faith. You said the subject of faith can be taught, but the spirit of faith must be caught. After I heard that message, I was determined to catch the spirit of faith, and I did.”

They then proceed to show me their new church building, home, ministry, etc., as a result. 2007 was the first time I ever ministered in Brazil.

Right now, there is a mighty move of God taking place in Brazil. The revelation of the Word has taken root in the hearts and lives of the people, and it’s wreaking havoc on the enemy! The Bible schools down there are flooded with people who are serious about taking the Gospel to the world. They are sending missionaries out not only to places in Brazil, but all over this world!

When my daughter-in-law travelled with me a couple of years ago for the first time, after hearing this testimony multiple times, she said, “I want to hear a copy of the message you preached in that ministers’ conference,” thinking that she was going to hear something different than anything she had heard, but I told her it was the same message of faith that she had heard me preach time and time again. The difference, however, is that these people are hungry for it. They take it seriously, and with it, they are changing their nation and their world.

One thing stands out to me about the people I have met in the churches. Often, the pastors and ministerial staffs consist of people who have left their professional careers (such as doctors, lawyers, federal policemen, etc.) to establish, work and serve in the churches.

While I was pastoring here in the United States, it was not so common to see a person with a career like this join the church, much less leave their career to work in the church. But in Brazil, the hunger is real—deep enough to leave it all and follow. It takes me back to where it all began for me. Although I was a blue collar worker before going into the ministry, the Word of God concerning faith revolutionized my life, and I left everything behind to follow God and the plan He had for my life.

The very same thing is true in the nation of Brazil. Though many of the people were raised in a religion that has no power or substance of faith, the truth of God’s Word has taken hold and come alive in them. Even with all the schooling and money they have invested in their careers and the future they planned for themselves, the plan of God is MORE important to them.

Second Corinthians 4:13 says it all, We having the SAME SPIRIT OF FAITH, according as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak.

When the spirit of faith is caught, revelation of God’s Word begins to flow. Suddenly, there is a difference between knowing about faith and having the spirit of faith. When you know the difference, you know that within you is the life-changing, faith-speaking, devil-defeating, spirit of power that compels you to act on God’s Word and never give up, shut up, or put up with anything that is not of God!

This, my friend, is the report we have for you concerning our trip to Brazil. You would be so blessed to see the joy on the faces of the people. They are so grateful for the life they have in Jesus, and they unashamedly share the hope and joy they have found in Him. Though they are grateful for the abundance they have experienced since hearing the message of faith, more important to them is the sharing of Jesus to others around them.

In many meetings through the years, there have been several politicians in attendance. Why? Because the church is alive, full of power and light! They know where to go to receive direction and wisdom. In fact, during one of the conferences this year the mayor showed up at one of the services and while he planned to just make an appearance, he ended up staying the entire service and then waited to visit with me once the service was over.

God is so good! There is a BIG world out there with billions of people, and it’s easy to get caught up in our own little world—paying attention to only what ails us, but don’t fall into that trap. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Don’t stray from your place of victory.

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Now, having caught the spirit of faith, stay focused on the plan He has for your life. It’s greater than you know!


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