Rev. Scott Webb

Founder and Speaker

Scott Webb has been an anointed minister of the uncompromising Gospel of Jesus Christ for over three decades. Best known by many as a “pastor to pastors,” he is recognized by both his peers and congregants for his ability to teach the Word of God with unapologetic boldness and articulate clarity. Countless people have reported experiencing miraculous and life-changing breakthroughs in personal finances, divine healing, renewed vision, as well as restored marriages and family life as a result of attending his meetings and feeding on his teachings. Scott Webb has walked closely with and gained much insight from several of God’s ‘Generals in the Faith,’ including such notables as the late Kenneth E. Hagin, Lester Sumrall, and more. He was ordained by Rev. Wilford and Gertrude Wright, the daughter and son-in-law of the late John G. Lake.

Scott Webb is a sought after speaker for conferences, camp meetings, and churches worldwide. He has authored several books and his extensive audio teaching library has helped countless individuals.

Phyllis Webb

Wife of Founder and Speaker

Phyllis Webb is a wife, mother, grandmother, and a woman of faith. As a young girl, after hearing the story of Mary in a Christmas play, Phyllis developed a strong desire to live for Jesus, and truly that is what she has done. For nearly forty years she has walked in close fellowship with the Lord, proving His Word in her life, family, and ministry. She has served alongside her husband in ministry, backing him in prayer. During their years of pastoring, she developed a powerful prayer ministry, and since then, helped pastors establish strong prayer ministries in their churches. Phyllis is a blessing to all who know her. Her passion for Jesus, which began as a child, continues to radiate her deep desire to help believers grow stronger in their personal walk with the Lord.