Several years ago I challenged each of my kids with an exercise that literally changed their lives. First, I gave them a book to read by Charles Capps, The Tongue—A Creative Force. Then, I gave each of them his mini-book, God’s Creative Power for Healing, and I told them that if they would read those healing confessions to someone out loud one-hundred times, then I would give them $100.00.

Needless to say, they took me up on the offer and reaped the benefit not only of the extra money, but the eternal impact it had on them. As many families do, I noticed that although they were raised to only speak positive confessions according to the Word, they got loose in some areas and in jest would say things contrary to the Word. After completing these exercises, they tightened up on their words once again because they saw how important words are—not just at church and around certain people, but ALL THE TIME!

Our words have power, and they set the boundaries for our lives. Matthew 12:37 says, For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned.  Another translation explains this scripture in more detail by using the phrase, by the sum of your sayings.

Whether good or bad, the things we say will come to pass, and what you really believe is what you are speaking. If you believe God supplies all of your needs, then that is what you talk about. If you believe that Jesus has paid the price for you to walk in divine health and life, then what you speak will line up with what you believe. If you really believe that your children will grow up to be strong believers, fulfilling the plan of God for their lives, then that is what you will talk about.

Growing up, I wasn’t reared in a Christian home; therefore, I wasn’t taught that the things I spoke would impact and set the boundaries for my life. However, even though I didn’t understand how my words would impact my life, today I am walking in the fruit of things I said as a young girl. I remember saying that I would live in a nice house, and that I was going to marry a prosperous man who would take good care of me. Little did I know that at such a young age, I was operating according to spiritual law, and in the process I set boundaries for my life.

Your words matter, and it’s so important that we instill this truth into the generations that follow us. When we are at church and around others of like precious faith, it is easier to speak the right things. But what about at home, at work, or at school? Our lives are affected by ALL of our words. It’s not only when we are at church, or just when we are praying. It is everything we say—the words we speak all day long that will either justify us or condemn us.

 Years ago, I was at a meeting when my spiritual father, Kenneth E. Hagin, ministered about the words we speak. He said that words will do three things in your life:

1) Words affect your spirit

2) Words identify you

3) Your words set boundaries

If our words have that much impact in our lives, then we need to watch what we are speaking.  When we speak what the Word says, we will have what the Word says we can have, do what the Word says we can do, and be whatever the Word says we can be. It is the sum of your words that identify you and set the boundaries for your life, and it is the sum of your sayings that affect your spirit and the direction of your life.

If you’re looking to set the right boundaries in your life, then look to what the Word says about your situation and get your mouth involved! James 3:5 says, Even so the tongue is a little member, and boasteth great things. Behold, how great a matter a little fire kindleth! Think about this…you have the very tool you need to turn your situation around.

In Luke 7 we find the story of the centurion and his servant who was dear to him. The centurion knew and even told Jesus that all He had to do was to speak the Word only and my servant will be healed. Because the centurion had already set himself under natural or military authority, he recognized the power in the spoken word.

What authority do you have in your life? What authority have you set yourself under? If you want God’s best for your life, then you need to set yourself under the authority of God’s Word. Years ago, I set myself under the authority of God’s Word, and it has kept me standing through some serious storms. According to I Peter 2:24, I am healed, so when sickness or pain try to attach itself to my body, I use my words to drive it out. According to Malachi 3:10-11, because I’m a tither, the windows of heaven are open over me and overflow belongs to me. So, when lack tries to sneak in, I use my words to drive out lack.

The boundaries have been set for my life, and they are all under the authority of the Word of God. If it doesn’t line up with the Word, then it must go, and I use my words to get the job done. Remember to watch what you say—all day and every day! Your words define you and they set the boundaries for your life.

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