Put the Dogs Back in the Pen

March 28, 2024

Do you love the change of seasons like I do? Throughout the Word of God, we find the mention of seasons to remind us that everything we see and experience…

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You’re In Charge

February 29, 2024

Amid the shaking and uncertainty present in the world, now is not the time to retreat and observe what will transpire next. You, the church, the body of Christ, must…

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Jesus and YOU

February 6, 2024

One of the greatest revelations we will ever receive comes when we discover who we are in Christ and the authority that has been bestowed upon us as believers. Never…

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Your Year…Your Choice

January 12, 2024

Happy New Year! I have great expectations in my heart for this new year. While many predictions have already been made concerning some wild things taking place in 2024, we…

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Position Yourself for the Best Christmas

November 26, 2023

We’ve now entered the final month of 2023, which is always a blessed time of the year. Celebrating the birth of our King and Savior, Jesus, brings me back to…

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How to Develop an Attitude of Thankfulness

October 30, 2023

For more than forty years, I have walked in fellowship with the Lord. The Bible tells us that when we were born again, we were given the measure of faith.…

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God Is Able

God is Able

October 23, 2023

First, I want to begin by thanking you, my partner, for your faith, prayers, and supply you bring to this ministry. I have just returned from a glorious trip to…

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These Things Work Together For Your Good

August 28, 2023

God fully intends for you to live the entirety of your life without a care in the world. His keeping power is so vast, and His desire for you is that you walk in divine health and prosper financially to the place where you never give your body or your finances a second thought. How do you get to this place? 

In Romans 8:28, we find a very familiar verse of Scripture that is quoted by numerous groups of people. Unfortunately, it is misapplied in many cases because people take it out of its context. However, when this verse is kept in the right context, it is really great news for the person who learns to live by the Spirit.

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Declare your independence

Declare Your Independence Today!

June 29, 2023

Our great nation, the United States of America, has played a key, pivotal role in the plan of God for getting the Gospel to the world. Courageous men answered the…

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The spirit of faith

The Spirit of Faith

May 24, 2023

At the beginning of this year, I began declaring over myself, my family, my partners, and my church, “We are living free in 2023!” Do you know what separates the…

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