You’re In Charge

February 29, 2024

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Amid the shaking and uncertainty present in the world, now is not the time to retreat and observe what will transpire next. You, the church, the body of Christ, must rise in your authority and dominion to experience the sweet taste of victory that God has promised you. 

Psalm 110:1 foretells of the day in which we live when it says, The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou at my right hand, until I make thine enemies thy footstool. Did you know this particular verse was quoted by practically every writer of the New Testament?

In fact, to illustrate the weightiness of it, the very first message that was preached by Peter after the birth of the early church, in the inaugural sermon, we find this same truth recorded in Acts 2:34-35…The Lord said unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand, until I make thy foes thy footstool.

The significance of this truth lies in the revelation of who you are in Christ, that you were created to rule and reign in this life, with the enemy and all of his cohorts under your feet. I am so thankful that many years ago, I discovered who I was in Christ and the authority that He bestowed upon me through Jesus. However, until someone discovers this for himself, it will never benefit him/her. 

There was a man by the name of Jonathan Wainwright, who was a colonel during WWII. At the time, the Japanese were overrunning the Philippines, and he was captured along with the rest of the allied troops. Unfortunately, he along with many others partook of the brutal Bataan death march before arriving at the concentration camp. Upon his arrival, because of his leadership position, he was brutally tortured in an effort to belittle him. Days and months went by living this way as a POW, and suddenly something happened. Japan unconditionally surrendered after bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Because of the location of this concentration camp it took longer for this news to reach the remote area where Wainwright was being held, but when it did, it happened to be at a time when the guards were away. Upon the guards arrival back to the camp, they were about to return to their normal shenanigans of torment and ridicule when they encountered Wainwright, who stood up to them and said, “The nation of Japan has been soundly defeated by the allied armies, and your emperor has unconditionally surrendered. You will put down your weapons and obey me. Now I am in charge of this place.”

There was a sudden shift that happened at this moment. Though Wainwright was unarmed, physically weak and emaciated, the authority in his voice and demeanor was exactly what was needed to inform the Japanese soldiers of their defeat and inability to ever threaten him again. They laid down their weapons and surrendered to the dominion Wainwright now possessed. 

Friend, nothing had changed in Wainwright’s physical circumstances when he stood up to his enemies. I am sure he didn’t feel any different. He was just armed with some knowledge, and being a soldier, he understood how authority worked. He also recognized that if he said nothing, then nothing would change. As a result, he stood up in the authority that was the result of the knowledge he had received, and that authority was recognized!

Notice what came before his authority was recognized by his enemies…he received knowledge. So it is with us! I keep a note in my Bible that I wrote down years ago while sitting in one of Dad Hagin’s meetings, “Many people needing healing need to forget about that for a while and pray the prayers in Ephesians 1 and Ephesians 3 for themselves and get a revelation of Satan and sickness under their feet.” This is true for torment of any kind! Get a revelation of any and all works of darkness under your feet! 

I have a dear friend who, along with his wife, suffered physically for many years due to a spirit of infirmity. Though they were Christians, they did not know anything about their redemptive rights. Somehow they got ahold of one of Brother Hagin’s books, and he came to a statement about sickness already being defeated and being redeemed from it. He said when he read that, the light came on and every symptom left his body.

He ran to his wife who was in the kitchen and said, “Look! Listen to this!” He read the same thing to her, and every symptom left her body. This revelation knowledge caused the light to come on for them and fixed all the problems they had suffered and toiled with for years! 

So often our “problems” such as sickness, weakness, lack, etc. aren’t really the problem. The problems we experience are our lack of understanding our relationship to them. Every aspect of the works of darkness are under your feet because you’re seated at the right hand of the Father above it all. 

Friend, I encourage you to meditate upon these truths. Get a CLEAR picture of your position in Jesus and your seat of authority. No matter how you feel (because authority has nothing to do with feelings), rise up like Jonathan Wainwright did and serve notice on the enemy. Because you’re now in charge, his days are over in your life!

In the day we live, we should continually feed ourselves on the believer’s authority. Visit our YouTube channel for recent messages on this vital truth.


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